Sheree’s Other Healing Books

“Soulful as a cricket’s song serenading a marsh at sunset, two lovers dancing the tango in the sand, or the wind’s harmonies causing waves to lap to shore, Sheree K. Nielsen’s collection of poems and photographs, Mondays in October, suggests easy movements in nature, and a time for us to slow down…like autumn…and imagine a simpler life.”

“Mondays in October
embraces Sheree’s unmistakable love songs for the beach, and its eternal companion – water – and the vulnerable, blissful, sensual rhythms connecting them.” 

Sheree has dedicated Mondays in October to the Siteman Cancer Center Nurses who helped make chemotherapy bearable.


Ocean Rhythms Kindred Spirits – An Emerson-Inspired Essay Collection on Travel, Nature, Family and Pets, is a reminder to be present in the moment, live life with abandon, invariably respecting nature, animals and people.

Join Sheree on a journey as she awakens the wanderlust in her soul, defines moments of clarity while walking on the beach, finds solitude diving with sharks and dolphins, and befriends sea-loving dogs. She’ll reveal her strong connection to family and beloved pets, the beauty in a mimosa tree, and the kindred spirit that lives in all of us.

A unique essay collection of all things warm and good inspired by my love for Emerson with complementary photographs at the end of each essay, and a few seafaring friend’s photographs as well!


Having only one eye can be devastating, but, Midnight the One-Eyed Cat, learns to build confidence, regain her spirit, and become the best she can be with the help of her most unlikely friend, Starlight, the Three-legged Rat, and his bird buddies.